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Receive all your faxes via email - it’s private, instant and free!

South Africa’s premier fax solution offers you a secure platform that requires no subscription fee or fuss . Sign up now and you’ll instantly receive your own fax number - ready to receive faxes. It’s that simple!

User Benefits and Cost Savings

  • No expensive fax server is required with the associated maintenance and support staff costs
  • The media cost of incoming faxes is significantly reduced
  • Current investments in email, internet infrastructure, systems and software are leveraged
  • Inboxes can be allocated on an individual or communal basis
  • Faxes are securely delivered directly to the addressee's email inbox, ensuring confidentiality. This significantly mitigates the risks of fraud by removing printed faxes from the public domain.
  • Faxes are tracked and fully auditable
  • Customer ICT policies and password control of end-user devices ensure security and confidentiality of incoming faxes
  • Electronic storage, archiving and retrieval tailored to the customer’s needs
  • Faxes do not disappear in the delivery process
  • Staff no longer have to "trek" to the communal fax station to seek out relevant faxes - improving company productivity and service delivery
  • Permanent up-time and availability as the line can never be engaged (we monitor and manage capacity)
  • Fax numbers will remain unchanged even when a company moves premises
  • Faxes can be received worldwide just by opening your email
  • Faxes can be forwarded to any email address worldwide
  • Clients maintain total control over the administration of their accounts and have access to monthly management reports reflecting company usage

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