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The sections are as follows:

Welcome to texSMS

The first screen you are presented with is 'Welcome to texSMS'.

This screen has a brief introduction to the product and requests that you agree to the texSMS usage agreement before you can continue with the installation. To continue you have to click on the white Checkbox saying that you have read and agreed to the texSMS terms and conditions. Once you have done this click 'Next' to continue with the installation.

Where do you want to install texSMS?

This screen is used to select where the texSMS software is installed.

In most cases the default can be left unchanged. Should you wish to place the software somewhere else then either type in the location or click on the 'Browse' button. If you click on the 'Browse' button a screen similar to the one below will be shown.

Browse for Folder                

Navigate through the browse list until you are happy with the location and then click 'OK'. You will return to the screen shown previously, to continue with the installation you must click 'Next'.

Select Packages

This screen allows you to decide which mail package you want texSMS to work with. It will automatically select your default mail package. Should you wish to change this or to make texSMS work with both Outlook and Outlook Express then click on the white Checkboxes to mark your required choice. Click 'Next' once you are happy with your choice.

Reminder defaults

Depending on whether you chose to install for Outlook or Outlook Express you will be presented with the reminders screen. Reminders are only available for Outlook, so if you chose to install only for Outlook Express this screen will not appear.

If you do not choose to Send SMS reminders by default then you can always change this default setting later from the Options screen. Besides being able to change the default setting on the Options screen, you can individually control whether to have an SMS reminder for each appointment you create by using the embedded SMS form.

Once you are happy with your default settings click 'Next' to continue with your installation.

Your e-mail and mobile details

texSMS attempts to obtain your name and e-mail address from your computer (to make the set-up process quicker and easier).

This screen asks you to confirm that the details obtained are correct. If the name and e-mail address fields are empty or incorrect please fill in your correct details. You must also make sure to fill in your mobile phone number details. Please make sure that you will be able to receive a sign-up e-mail in your mail package (Outlook or Outlook Express) for the e-mail address that you fill in.

These details are used in the messages that you will send out, so that you can be identified as the sender and easily replied to.

Your SMS Reports password

Finally, fill in your password and make sure to note it down somewhere. You will use this password to access private web site areas where you will be able to view your SMS Reports.

Once you are happy with the details, you can continue with the installation by clicking 'Next'.


Please let us know where you heard about texSMS.

Finish the Installation

On the final screen, all the details that you have selected are displayed for confirmation.

If you are happy with all the details, then click 'Finish' to complete the installation. Should you wish to change any of the details then click 'Back' to return to the earlier screens. Once you have clicked 'Finish' a final success screen is shown.


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