Features and facts for sending messages from your pc to sms!

Ease of use:

  • Minimal learning or user instruction needed, as texSMS adheres fully to Outlook email standards
  • Quick and easy to compose an SMS message just like an email
  • All SMS recipients are checked for valid phone numbers - a simple wizard rapidly and easily corrects problems
  • Templates can be used for quick and easy standard replies to clients



  • Calendar Integration - automatically delivers appointment reminders to your cellphone
  • Meeting Scheduling - all attendees are automatically reminded of meetings by SMS
  • Reminders and Scheduled SMSs - can be created now and delivered at a later, specified date (e.g. for birthday wishes)
  • History Logs - Sent SMSs are stored in a folder automatically set up in your Outlook
  • Full two-way communication - allows replies to come back directly to Outlook
  • "CC Mobile" feature - will automatically send an SMS to the email recipient informing them of the email being sent - perfect for important and time-sensitive emails!
  • Carbon copies of SMSs - can be automatically sent to the recipient's email address - a great way of making sure no details get lost
  • Security - all SMSs are fully encrypted and secure
  • Inbox Rules manager enables rules to be set up which automatically send out SMSs according to predefined conditions


Business Advantages:

  • SMS from a pc because of a low cost and effective way of reaching a mobile user (far cheaper and more convenient than normal handset SMS, a standard mobile call, or even a local landline call!)
  • Low impact on users - it's easy to install the sms software, easy to use, requires minimal user training and absolutely no hardware or changes to your email infrastructure are required.
  • Corporate grade - no need for individual user names and passwords - activations are email address based, and your entire domain can be activated at once.
  • Central Administration - of the entire corporate account, including activations, deactivations and credit control.
  • Itemised Online Accounts to user level showing exactly how many SMSs each user is sending.

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