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Huge Telecom offers a range of messaging solutions to suit the needs of all businesses in South Africa, from large Corporates and Government institutions to SMME clients. Through our ongoing development of world-leading proprietary text messaging platforms - driven by easy to use, intuitive user interfaces and backed by sound technical and user support - we significantly cut client communication costs as well as optimise the management and delivery of their messages.

We offer a full suite of SMS applications to meet your business requirements and our skilled Account Managers are able to assist you in selecting the ideal one based on your needs.

SMS - The ideal, cost effective communication channel

Sales & Marketing   Promotions, Competitions, Birthday greetings, etc…
Customer Service   CRM, Customer reminders & alerts, Authentications, etc…
Management   Internal communications, Deadline reminders, etc…
Operations/Technical   Job lists & changes, Customer addresses, Bulk notifications, etc…
Finance   Debt collection, Invoice alerts, Payment reminders, etc…


SMS Features

  • Delivery reports generated for all messages
  • Replies are supported
  • Server-based scheduled send
  • Secure, encrypted connection to Huge Telecom's SMS server
  • Guaranteed delivery times to the GSM networks
  • Ultra-high throughput capability as Huge Telecom's SMS server is used instead of local analogue modems on site
  • Software based internet connection - no additional hardware is needed!
  • Integration into the Huge Telecom billing platform, creating a single, integrated bill for all services
  • Web Access allows clients to administer their accounts online


Managed Messaging Solutions


SMS enable MS Outlook

texSMS is a software application that seamlessly installs itself (or “plugs”) into MS Outlook, to allow you to generate SMS messages in exactly the same way as you would generate and send regular emails. You can also send personalised bulk SMS’s using texSMS’s quick and easy bulk SMS interface. It is highly configurable and can use CSV, Excel and text files, or distribution lists, as data sources. Replies to SMS’s are supported and are delivered back into your email inbox (or optionally forwarded onto your own cellphone) giving you full bi-directional SMS interaction from your desktop. texSMS works equally well for personal, business, bulk or corporate use and does not require ANY hardware or ANY configuration of your email systems!


  • Calendar Integration - automatically delivers appointment reminders to your cellphone
  • Meeting Scheduling - all attendees are automatically reminded of meetings by SMS
  • Reminder and Scheduled SMS's - can be created now and delivered at a later date
  • Full two-way communication - allows replies to come back directly to Outlook
  • CC Mobile - automatically send an SMS to an email recipient informing them of the email being sent. Perfect for important and time-sensitive emails!


texSMS is better, faster, cheaper communication.


Integrated Customisable Solutions

This service allows your in-house software application to connect directly to our SMS server. Our SMS department will provide the relevant connection to achieve this and will work through the connection process with you.

Examples of SMS-enabled applications:
• CRM Solutions • Payment Systems • Customer Website Portals
• Company Workflow Applications

Download the Huge SMS Flyer


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Download the Huge SMS Flyer
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