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Telecommunications is a vital business function, but for most enterprises, managing and operating their telecommunications services is not a "core" business activity. Hence, there is a need for a capable and trusted partner specialising in the provision and management of all aspects of telecommunications in an independent, transparent and professional manner.

This will allow the business to:

  • Take maximum advantage of appropriate technology and managed services to reduce the cost of telecommunications.
  • Minimise reliance on skilled and expensive internal human resources to manage and control non-core business activities.
  • Ensure the highest level of availability and quality of telecommunications services, even in the face of unanticipated events and outages.
  • Manage and minimise risk by partnering with a provider who has a proven track record and is recognised as a market leader.

Value Proposition

Huge Telecom’s Cobalt offering has been designed to address the very powerful business requirement for real-time managed voice solutions and full pricing transparency. Through this your business can unlock significant cost and usage efficiencies.

Cobalt is a best-of-breed managed telecommunications routing solution focused on delivering:

  • Significant price reductions in the cost of business communications
  • Specialised audit and solution crafting capabilities
  • Monthly analysis of the telephony communications routing infrastructure across all providers
  • Exceptional voice quality delivered by South Africa’s premier network operators
  • Complementary communication technologies such as SMS and Fax2Email which are included as part of the solution
  • Exceptional service agreements
  • Continual review and optimisation of the solution
  • No hidden costs


Cobalt Offering

Huge Telecom is redefining the provision of managed telecommunications in South Africa to provide customers with solutions that meet their needs in this ever-changing environment. In addition to the quality voice solution proposed, Cobalt provides customers with the following value-added services:

  • Pre-installation call routing and traffic audit across the entire telecommunications routing infrastructure to identify immediate areas of potential savings and efficiency improvements
  • SMS software to replace voice calls where appropriate
  • "An SMS is 82% cheaper than a 1 minute Telkom to mobile call!"
  • A company-wide Fax2Email solution
  • Monthly status meetings
  • Rental and maintenance of routing equipment included in the management fee
  • No capital expenditure required
  • Suite of telephony reports across all voice paths
  • Technology Evolution Guarantee
  • Call rates are offered as a "pass through cost" from the networks and a fixed management fee is applied per voice channel
  • No Hidden Costs!


Solutions benefits


  • Savings guarantees
  • Detailed reporting, proving savings figures
  • Full "Mobile Number Portability Protection"
  • Savings provided on Mobile, National and International calls



  • Exceptionally competitive per minute rates (billed per second) on GSM calls. "GSM calls typically constitute at least 65% of the average company’s phone bill!"
  • Our long-term relationships with the network providers and volume based buying power, enable us to secure the very best rates
  • Lower Pricing Guarantee: Should the wholesale price of routed calls reduce, Huge Telecom will adjust the call rates proportionally - ensuring that our customers are always benefiting from the best rates in the industry



  • Dedicated Account Managers provide a single point of contact across all solutions
  • In-house operational personnel provide fast and effective resolution to any irregularities identified
  • Daily monitoring of the solution
  • Perfect routing guarantee
  • Ongoing solution optimisation


Quality of Service

  • Voice traffic is carried directly within and across the GSM networks - no third party points of potential failure, network interconnect, protocol translation or quality degradation
  • All equipment is ICASA licensed


Value Added Services

• Suite of reports on ALL call traffic
• Fax2Email
• Service Level Agreement
• Guaranteed savings

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