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Huge Broadband provides customers with a range of business-focused internet and email solutions underpinned by dedicated customer support, available 24/7.

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Huge Broadband brings customers a full suite of ISP services with exceptional customer support and value for money packages, provided through a single, trusted supplier. We offer an array of options to choose from and provide customers with easy to understand guidelines on the solution best suited to their business.

Get Connected!

  • Getting connected is simple with Huge Broadband. All you need is:
  • – Analogue phone line (or apply for a WiMax connection)
    – ADSL Service: decide what speed your business needs
    – Router: this is provided by Huge Telecom
    – Bandwidth: this can range from 1GB upwards to 30GB, 100GB or more

ADSL Speeds

  • Various ADSL connection speeds are available, from 384k to 512k, 1024k and 4096k. Your ADSL connection is supplied via Huge Broadband. Generally the slower speeds are more suited to home users, with the preferred choice amongst business being an ADSL connection of up to 4MB (4096k).
  • Alternative wireless connections are also possible in areas where no ADSL connectivity is available.


Bandwidth Caps

  • Hard Cap products provide you with a fixed allocation of bandwidth per month. If this allocation is reached, internet and email services are temporarily suspended. Customers can top-up with additional bandwidth online at any time during the month.
  • Huge Broadband promotes the use of a Soft Cap account which offers customers additional free local bandwidth over and above their normal monthly cap (which is a blended mix of local and international bandwidth). This means that even if you reach your cap, you will still have access to your email and all local websites (such as online banking, news sites and local company websites). You can also easily top-up your blended cap at any time.

Shaped or Unshaped?

  • Shaped bandwidth is the term used when bandwidth intensive operations such as online gaming and video conferencing are separated from general internet traffic so that these operations do not negatively impact normal internet browsing.
  • Unshaped bandwidth is available at a slight premium for companies who require uninterrupted video and voice conferencing.

Email and Website Hosting

  • With Huge Broadband you can register your own domain (for example and create email addresses for all your staff on your domain (e.g. Plus, have your website hosted locally, ready to be viewed by the whole world!
  • Huge Broadband offers a range of hosting packages according to the size of your company and any specifi c needs you may have.

Benefits of Huge Broadband

  • Super-quick, instant connection to the Internet
  • Fixed monthly fee - no surprise bills
  • Unlimited customer support - helpful and knowledgeable technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Webmail - access your email via the Internet from anywhere in the
  • WAPmail - access your email via your cellphone browser
  • FREE voice and video calls via MSN Messenger or Skype
  • Efficiently host and maintain your company’s website
  • Our Internet Connection Manager comes with automatic selfrepairing diagnostics - the software fixes almost any problems regarding Internet or email setup
  • Advanced virus and junk mail (spam) scanning to filter emails and
    help keep your computers safe
  • Constant automatic PC updates
  • Download large files

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