Managed Telecommunications

Huge Telecom is an established telecommunications provider with a wealth of experience in the South African market. Our managed telecommunications solutions provide customers with a choice of technology options matched to individual business requirements.

Huge Voice
Huge Voice
Huge Telecom provides clients with a corporate telecommunications service that offers quality, flexibility, coverage and value. Huge Voice provides seamless high-quality calls by making use of ICASA licensed tier-one cellular networks, allowing you to make all calls directly, without having to use incumbent fixed-line operators or sub-optimal second and third tier Voice over Internet Protocol providers.
Convergis - Telecommunications Management System
Convergis is a sophisticated telecommunications management solution which gives companies reports across all communications media and devices, empowering them with the in-depth information required to efficiently manage their communications expenditure and make informed business decisions. View your communications in a way you never believed possible!
Huge Voice SOHO
Huge Voice SOHO
With Huge Telecom's flexible voice product you can now get a wireless phone delivered quickly and easily and begin enjoying the benefits of fixed-wireless telephony at home. Order your residential phone through Huge Telecom today and enjoy great pricing, speedy delivery and the freedom of wireless telephony.
  Huge STS
Huge STS
Huge STS is a standby telecommunications service which ensures your operations are unaffected by copper cable theft, internal network failures and other line disruptions prevalent with South African telecoms. Huge STS ensures your business continues to do business.
Fax to Email Solution
Huge Telecom’s Fax2Email offering is the most advanced faxing solution available today. Fax2Email allows businesses to maximise utilisation of IT infrastructure and desktop PCs and leverage their sunken costs.
  Huge SMS
Messaging Solutions
Huge Telecom offers a range of messaging solutions to suit the needs of all businesses. We significantly cut customer communication costs as well as optimise the management and delivery of all messages.


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