Huge Group PR - Huge acquisition trail continues

Huge Group PR - Huge acquisition trail continues

By Huge Group - Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Huge acquisition trail continues
7 April 2009
Huge Group Ltd has announced its second acquisition this year, of the business of African Paradigm Communications, trading as One Communications (OneCom) and VoCall, for an undisclosed sum.
African Paradigm Communications is an established provider of Least Cost Routing services, based in Johannesburg.
Huge Group executive chairman Anton Potgieter comments, "We are pleased to announce the acquisition of control of the OneCom and Vocall businesses, which will be quickly and efficiently assimilated into the Huge Telecom managed telecoms business, and will assume the Huge Telecom brand."
This follows the acquisition of Eyeballs Mobile Advertising, which Huge Group announced last month. Eyeballs Mobile Advertising delivers rich media advertising to cellular "smart phones" using specialised and proprietary technology developed in South Africa. It is expected to start delivering strong returns in the next year.
On the future prospects of managed telecoms in South Africa, Potgieter notes: "We expect to see our growth curve in Huge Telecom continue this year despite the trying financial conditions.  This is because corporate telephone spend is vital to any organisation's survival - so as times get tougher, it is vital to have proper control of telecoms spend without compromising on the quantity or quality of the business's essential communications needs."
Huge Group made headlines earlier this week when it announced the interest of a strategic investor looking to purchase a significant stake in the company.

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