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Using texSMS

The sections are as follows:

You have now successfully installed texSMS and restarted your e-mail application. texSMS is now running on your machine and you will have the added texSMS functionality on your desktop.

Please note, you will not be able to send an SMS until the security mechanisms have registered you with the texSMS server (this is done automatically via e-mail). A pop-up message will appear once the security system is initialised and texSMS is ready for use.

texSMS adds a few new menu options, buttons and toolbars to your standard e-mail application. Other than this there are no signs that the system is installed. You can continue to use your e-mail package and computer as normal.

The most noticeable change will be to the e-mail package's toolbars.

Firstly a new texSMSbutton is added to it. When you click this texSMS button an SMS composition window will appear.


Composing an SMS

This is very similar in look and functionality to the standard e-mail composition window. You select and complete the 'To:' and 'Cc:' fields as normal. That is either by typing in the recipient's name, mobile number or e-mail address or by selecting them from your address book. These fields are used to identify which mobile users you want the SMS message to be sent to.

You can then begin to type your SMS message. An SMS message is usually limited to 160 characters in length. However, with texSMS, this limit can be exceeded. When an SMS is over 160 characters in length, texSMS automatically splits it into multiple messages. The status bar at the bottom of the composition window tells you how many characters you have used. If you exceed the character limit it also shows you how many parts the message will be split into.

There are also some extra features created for the sending of SMS messages. There is an 'Emot-icon' button, which allows you to easily insert emot-icons into the SMS from a supplied list. There is also a 'CC E-mail' button, which when you click it, sends a copy of the SMS message to the intended recipients' e-mail addresses (this helps you to ensure that a copy of the SMS will be on the recipients' computers for reference purposes). There is also a bulk button which when clicked causes the bulk bar to appear. The bulk functionality allows you to easily import large lists and send out personalised SMSs.

You can also set delivery receipts and reply paths for the SMS message (under the 'Tools' menu option). You can define the default preference for all SMS messages on the options screen(found on the texSMS menu). Delivery receipts allow you to decide how you want to be notified that your SMS message was delivered. Reply paths allow you to decide where you want the reply to the SMS message to be sent. There is also an option to set the delivery time and date. If you set the delivery for sometime in the future, our server will store it until it is time to send the SMS. This means you can send a birthday wish ahead of time and be sure of not forgetting to send it.

Below the main buttons is a utility bar which offers some extra functionality. There is a 'Use Template.' button which allows you to load and use a pre-made template. These templates allow you to quickly compose standardised responses. The template is built by using the Template editor which can be found on the texSMS menu.

The 'Compress' button loads a window which allows you to compress the text of your SMS in order to shorten the SMS text. It uses a dictionary to compress commonly abbreviated words. The 'Summary' button  gives you a summary about the SMS you are going to send. It is an interactive summary, so changes can be made that will affect the final sending.

There is also a 'Preview' button. This shows you exactly what your final outgoing SMS will look like. The preview shows splits and inserts actual values into the tokens.

Finally, an SMS message can be saved or loaded via the composition window's 'File' menu option.

Once the SMS message is complete and you are ready to send your SMS, you must click 'Send'. At this stage the names you selected to send the SMS message to (those in the 'To:' and 'Cc:' fields) are checked (click here for more information on this process). If they do not have mobile numbers set-up yet, texSMS prompts you for them. Once they are filled in, they are added to the address book. This ensures that this will not have to occur again. Once the addresses are checked, the mail is sent off to our SMS server where it is sent to the recipients you selected. A copy of the SMS is stored in the e-mail package's 'Sent SMS messages' folder (this folder is automatically created by texSMS).

The texSMS toolbar

In addition to the texSMS button an extra toolbar is added. This toolbar has buttons, which are used to launch commonly used functionality or to link to other web sites.

If you click the 'SMS Reminder' button, a window pops-up which allows you to compose a reminder SMS. You can also specify when the reminder SMS is to be sent. Once you have sent the reminder SMS, it will stay on our server until it is time to be sent. When the reminder becomes due it is sent to your mobile phone. So your computer does not even need to be on to be reminded!

The Sync Reminders (Outlook only) button launches a window from which you can set what time-period's worth of appointments you want to upload to our server. Once they have been sent you will be reminded about your appointments and tasks even if your computer is off.

If you click the other buttons on this toolbar you will be taken to the appropriate web site. For example if you click on the 'Buy SMS credits.' button, you will go to the credit buying web page where you can easily get Credits.

The update mechanism for this toolbar occurs via a specially designed system. This system allows us to push updates to you as often as is needed. You will not see the update mechanism working as it is seamless and occurs automatically.

Besides the new texSMS button and the additional toolbar. A new texSMS menu category has also been added to the e-mail application's menu.

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