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The sections are as follows:

When Outlook triggers a reminder you can choose to be reminded by SMS too (this is only applicable for Outlook).

Configuring SMS reminder defaults

To configure your default SMS reminder settings, select ‘Options’ from the texSMS menu. This will open the Options screen. Now go to the ‘Reminder’ tab.

Firstly, you can mark whether to send SMS reminders by default. Even if this is marked a Reminder must be set in Outlook for an SMS reminder to be sent.If you choose to send SMS reminders as your default, you can further define whether you would also like to send a reminder to all the people attending the meetings you create.

When this option is marked a reminder will be sent to you and all the attendees at the same time. This option only works if you are the actual creator of the meeting. This has been done to avoid multiple reminders being sent to attendees. Once you are happy with your default settings click ‘OK’ to apply the settings.

Over-riding SMS reminder defaults

Besides being able to change the default settings on the Options screen, you can also individually control SMS reminder settings for each appointment (or task) that you create by using the embedded SMS form.  An example of using this form can be seen by creating a new Calendar appointment (double click a time on your calendar). This will cause the Outlook Appointment window to pop up. Fill in the usual appointment details (Subject, Location and Time) and then mark that you want a Reminder. Once you have done this, click the SMS tab to see the SMS form.

Here, like on the options screen you can control whether you would like to send an SMS reminder. In addition to being able to send to all the attendees of the meeting you can also add additional mobile numbers manually. This caters for people who have not been listed as attendees or are not in your address book.

Once you are finished you must click ‘Save and Close’ to save the appointment. In order for the reminder to be sent off, Outlook must be running and you must be online at the time. The reminder SMS is sent a few minutes before the actual Outlook reminder pops-up, this is to cater for possible mobile network delays.

We have also catered for the case of your computer being offline (or off), with the inclusion of offline reminder synching.

Offline reminder synching

This feature allows you to push all your Outlook appointments to our remote server. This means you can connect to the internet and send your calendar and task reminders to our server and then disconnect from the internet. The reminders will then be sent off from our server.

This is used by clicking the 'Sync Reminders' button on the SMS bar on the main Outlook window or by choosing the 'Sync reminders to server' option in the texSMS menu.

This will open the Reminder sync window. On this window you can mark the date range of appointments that you want to send to our server.

At the bottom of the window a sentence is displayed to help clarify exactly what date range will be sent to our server - this is to avoid confusion as to what is actually being included in the send date range.

Once you are happy with the date range that you have selected, click ‘OK’. Now a mail will be sent to our server containing your appointment details. You will now be reminded about your appointments and tasks even if your computer is turned off!

Should you change any of your appointments in Outlook you must re-sync so that the server reflects the updated appointments.

You can also view what is currently waiting to be sent from our server by choosing the ‘View message reports’ option from the texSMS menu.

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