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Inbox rules manager

The sections are as follows:

The Inbox rule manager is used to design Inbox rules which cause SMSs to be sent when these rules are triggered. When e-mails come into your Inbox and cause the rules you set up to fire, an SMS will be sent according to these rules’ criteria.

The Inbox rule manager is accessed from the texSMS menu by choosing the 'Inbox Rules... option. This causes the Inbox rules manager to load. From this screen you can create new rules, edit rules, delete rules, disable/enable rules and change rule priorities. At the bottom of the manager you can see a written description of what each rule does. To see a rule’s description click on one of the rules listed in the pane above.

Creating a rule

To create a new rule click 'New...', this will cause the Rule editor to open. Here you can define exactly when you want an SMS to fire and what information it should contain.  For example we could set up a rule which fires whenever a mail comes FROM ‘john’ or ‘bob’ or when the mail SUBJECT has the word ‘special’ in it.

In ‘Step 1’ we must give the Rule a name, choose anything that you like or use the supplied default.

In Step 2 you would fill in 'john;bob' in the 'FROM' field. These fields are not case-sensitive and can contain partial words so you could use 'ad' to catch adrian or adam but this would also trigger any mail which contained ‘ad’ somewhere in the FROM field. Therefore it is best to be as specific as possible. If you want an SMS to be sent for all incoming mails then just mark the check-box provided for this. Next you would fill in 'special' in the 'Subject' field.

Now, in 'Step 3' you mark what information you would like to include in the SMS that will be sent. You can also set the maximum number of SMS splits to be fired for this rule. You can use the default settings here.

Finally in 'Step 4' you can mark who you want the SMS to be sent to. If it is someone other than yourself, then you can put their number in the space provided.

Now click ‘OK’ to save the rule.

This new rule is summarised at the bottom of the manager as follows: 'This rule fires when you receive an e-mail from 'john;bob' or with subject 'special'. When this happens, an SMS will be sent to you containing the sender, subject and date/time of receipt.The notification will be limited to 2 SMSs.'

Next time an e-mail arrives meeting the criteria you set, an SMS will be sent to you notifying you of this. Note: Outlook/Outlook Express must be loaded and you must be connected to the internet in order for Inbox rules to work.

Managing rules

If you have more than one rule you can prioritise these. A maximum of one SMS per e-mail will be sent off according to the rules you have set up. Therefore the first rule that is met will send off an SMS and the other rules below it will be ignored. If you want to prioritise a particular rule then you must highlight it (by clicking on it) and move it to the top of the list by using the ‘Move Up’ button.

Once you are finished managing your rules, click ‘OK’ to close the Inbox rule manager.

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