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This is used from the SMS composition window by clicking the ‘Compress’ button. Compression allows you to use the built-in SMS dictionary and rules to shorten your SMS text.

For example if you wrote 'Hi John - please phone me if you cannot meet for lunch at one today. Thanks Brett' and then click the 'Compress' button you will be taken to the compression screen.

On this screen you can select the level of compression that you need. This can be done by clicking the check-boxes or by using the slider bar.

The effect that the compression has on your text can be seen in the message preview area at the bottom of the screen. For example if you chose 'Med' compression the message would now read 'Hi John pls phone me if u cannot meet 4 lunch @ 1 2day. Thx Brett'.

This compression is achieved by removing all the extraneous spaces and replacing common words with those found in the SMS abbreviation dictionary file. If you would like to add words to the dictionary file, edit the file dict.txt, which can be found in the install directory you chose (usually C:\Program Files\texSMS). Add the words you use by making sure each word is on a new line. Type in the unabbreviated word first (e.g. September) then press space or tab and type in the abbreviated word (Sep). Once you are done save the changes.

Once you are happy with the compression you have chosen click ‘OK’ and this will compress your text and return you to the main SMS composition window.

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