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The sections are as follows:

This has been designed to make the sending of personalised SMSs to large numbers of recipients very quick and easy. This has been tested and shown to be stable for over 65,000 recipients in one bulk message.

To use the bulk sending functionality, click the ‘Bulk’ button on the SMS composition window.

When you click the ‘Bulk’ button, the bulk bar will show. This bar has buttons which allow you to import lists, insert tokens, control the number of SMS splits and set an Alphanumeric Sender ID.

A bulk SMS is defined as any SMS which has a sender ID defined, or tokens inserted, or has over a hundred recipients.

Importing bulk data

As a source for recipients and token values, you can use distribution lists, contacts or you can import Excel files, text files and CSVs. As an example of importing a file, we will use an Excel file. Click on the ‘Import List’ button on the toolbar, this causes the file browse window to open. Select your import file (in our case it is a .xls).

bulk import wizard step 1

Once you have selected your file click ‘Open’, this will cause the Bulk Wizard to begin importing this file

bulk import wizard step 2

Select which sheet you contains your data. We are selecting Sheet1. If your first row is a heading row for the columns that are used in the input file then mark ‘Treat Top Row as headers’. In our case we mark this checkbox. Click ‘Next’ to go to the final wizard screen.

bulk import wizard final step

On this screen you can rename (or name) columns. This is done by selecting the relevant column (by clicking on it) and then choosing a supplied default name or inputting your own. You can also enter a default value which is to be used when there is no value in the file for a specific field (this value is used for missing data).

You must also indicate which column is your mobile number column. You cannot finish importing until this has been done. Note: If you were importing from Excel, your mobile numbers must be formatted as text, if this is not done preceding +’s and 0’s will be removed by Excel - thereby corrupting the mobile number.

Once you have done this click 'Finish'. This will return you to the composition window.

Composing a bulk message

You will now be able to use data you imported in your Bulk SMS by inserting tokens. This allows you to generate personalised bulk messages.

bulk message composing window

For example you could type: Dear <<First Name>> (inserted by choosing 'First Name' from the drop down and clicking 'Insert')

You can click the 'Preview' button to see exactly what your final SMS looks like. Preview will substitute token values into the SMS message.

When you are ready click 'Send'. If there are any problems you will be able to correct these through the SMS Recipient Resolution wizard.

After this has been done, you will be shown the summary screen, where you can see details about the SMS you are about to send.

Once you have sent the bulk e-mail you can track its progress by clicking on the ‘SMS Reports’ button.

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