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Looking for more information on Huge Telecom's products and services? Simply take a look at our handy FAQ below for the answers to any queries or technical questions you may have. If you still can't find what you're looking for, simply click here to view our contact details

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How do I change my billing information?
Billing information can be changed online through our customer web access site, or by calling Huge Telecom Customer Service on 0860-03-04-03.

Is there an easier way for me to get access to my accounts?
Yes! We offer our clients full online billing, which provides your accounts to you by email every month. All billing reports are available including statements, invoices, call records and savings graphs. Reports are available in both ascii text (.txt) and high print quality adobe acrobat (.pdf) format. This is the fastest and best way to receive your billing!



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How is Huge Telecom different from companies offering LCR services?
Advantages include:
Specialization - We are entirely dedicated to providing corporate LCR solutions, and concentrate our expertise solely on this.
Care - We check all our client sites on a real-time basis, to proactively identify any potential problems. Before you call us - we will strive to call you first, with the solution.
Transparency - We offer comparative monthly billing statements and savings graphs, showing clients EXACTLY what they saved on EACH CALL!!
Expertise - We have been providing cutting edge LCR solutions to South African corporate customers since 1993, we understand the unique challenges of the industry, and have a history of success in meeting these challenges.
Guarantee - We undertake to maintain or replace faulty equipment where necessary to ensure maximum utilisation.

How do I get started using Huge Telecom's LCR services?
Go to the "Contact Us" section of this web site, and call or email your nearest Huge Telecom dealer or office right away! We will come to your office, give a free professional evaluation of your Least Cost Routing needs, and then tailor a specific proposal to suit your company. Installation takes 7 working days from signature, and from then you are adding to your bottom line every time you pick up the phone!

Are Huge Telecom's services legal?
Yes. All of our products are fully licensed services from duly licensed local and international telecommunications network operators.

What is the charge for online billing and how do I activate this service?
Online billing is offered free of charge for all Huge Telecom Services. To activate this, please call your local Huge Telecom dealer or Huge Telecom customer service on 0860-03-04-03.

What does Huge Telecom do to ensure that my LCR service is working as it should?
We check all our client sites on a real-time basis, to proactively identify any potential problems. Before you need to call us we will usually have called you first, with the solution.



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