What is TelePathy - Bulk SMS?

Securely send batches of SMS messages - from a simple and powerful windows application - to GSM phones around the world!


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How it Works:

Application Features of TelePathy

Contacts Database:
  • Keeps standard basic contact data plus 20 user defined fields
  • Full import and export of contacts supported (flat file and Outlook format)
  • Full group management and group-of-group functionality
  • Advanced Contact Search facility to create custom send batches and groups

  • Scheduled Message Send, handled by the Server not by the Client Application
  • Send Log
  • Delivery Reports
  • Reply Functionality, referenced directly to the relevant contact record and sent SMS message

Architecture Features of TelePathy

Security - SSL technology combined with encryption is used to create a secure connection between the user application and the Huge Telecom Server Network, ensuring

  • complete privacy and
  • immediate confirmed delivery of message batches to the Huge Telecom Server Network

Compatible with Windows 98 onwards.

Why use Huge Telecom as your Bulk SMS solution provider?

  • Access to all GSM networks worldwide
  • Secure encrypted connection with guaranteed delivery to the Server Network
  • Ultra-high message throughput as the Huge Telecom server network is used instead of local modems on site.
  • No hardware needed
  • No contract period
  • No software cost or licensing fees
  • Free software release upgrades and maintenance patches
  • Real-time online billing with full Web access
  • You only pay for the SMSs you send!

Click here to download the free bulk   sms software

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