Huge signs NGN Telecoms

12 October 2009 - Huge Group

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As part of Huge Telecom’s promise to source and deliver market leading solutions directly to its customers, it has signed an agreement with NGN Telecoms which will see Huge add fax-to-email and email-to-fax to its range of products.

NGN have partnerships with telecoms companies across the UK, China and Africa and have in excess of 70% of the fax-to-email market in South Africa. 

Says Huge’s Product Director, Vincent Mokholo, “Over the last decade NGN have established themselves as an innovative and leading player in the fax space in South Africa.  They offer secure faxing services to some of South Africa’s giants, including the likes of Standard Bank, the JD Group and the South African Presidency.  Their solution is even approved by the Department of Justice so the security and integrity of your faxes are ensured!”

Calum McCracken, NGN’s CEO, explains that NGN has invested heavily in ensuring its solution meets the requirements of big business and satisfies government regulations.  “Privacy concerns, audit trails, fraud and data integrity are regularly used scare-tactics by providers of on-site faxing solutions,” explains McCracken.  “In the majority of cases however our solutions are far superior from an anti-fraud and privacy point of view due to the fact that because we are managing this across various companies, we have more resources available to properly secure and back-up the information.  Plus, we’ve been doing it for almost a decade!” he adds.

Mokholo believes that fax-to-email, though seen as a legacy technology, will continue to enjoy growth over the coming years.  “The reality of the situation is that fax is still the approved standard across organisations in South Africa,” he explains.  With the global move to a paperless environment, Fax-to-Email offers not only “green” benefits but tangible cost savings too.

Huge encourages IT Managers within the organisation to lead the way in setting up their company’s fax-to-email solution.  Says Mokholo, “If left to their own devices staff sign up for personal fax numbers and use these for business purposes.  It is far better having the IT Department manage the process and ensure the integrity of the solution.”

Implementing a fax-to-email solution has been proven to save as much as 50% of faxing costs across organisations, as well as deliver a host of additional benefits including speed of delivery and security of faxes.

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