Huge savings hit R500m

24 February 2009 - ITWeb

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The Huge Group, which owns managed telecommunications service provider, Huge Telecom, has reached a major milestone, announcing it has saved its customers over R500 million since its listing on the AltX in August 2007.

Huge Telecom provides its clients with complete managed telecoms services aimed at reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of their telecommunications services.

“Telecoms costs in South Africa are still very high, and make up a large component of most corporates' monthly operating costs,” says Anton Potgieter, executive chairman of the Huge Group. “Combine this with the current economic climate creating the need for corporates to tighten their belts, and we can expect telecommunications spend to come increasingly under the financial spotlight in the next few months.”

From a business point of view, Huge Telecom is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the current climate and ride out the recession affecting many industries such as manufacturing, tourism and retail. “Our services become increasingly valuable during tougher times, because our focus is on saving our clients money,” says Potgieter. “Not only is our regular volume of business unaffected, but we are also now seeing an increase in interest in our cost-saving technologies from potential new customers.”

Through its managed telecommunications solution, Huge Telecom saves its clients over R30 million a month, translating into R51.28 each second of the business day.

Potgieter concludes: “Our savings figures are audited and verified, and reported to each of our customers each month. We see this as a positive injection into the economy, as these savings represent real financial value, generated without compromising or reducing any service delivery to our customers. We are extremely proud to reach the R500 million savings mark, and look forward to hitting the one billion mark soon!”