Huge Group goes green

15 April 2009 - Huge Group

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Huge Group announced yesterday that it has made significant progress in its subsidiary Huge Telecom in its quest to make the Group more environmentally sustainable. Huge Telecom supplies corporate managed telecommunications services in South Africa which save its customers over R30 million each month.

Anton Potgieter, executive chairman of Huge Group, explains, “Huge Telecom was noticeably out of line with Huge Group’s other subsidiaries in terms of e-billing, so last month we initiated a concerted drive to convert our Huge Telecom clients from old-fashioned printed bills (or ‘snail mail’) to today’s fast and environmentally friendly electronic or e-billing. We are pleased to report that we now have consistent high levels of e-billing across all entities in the Group.”

The campaign was a resounding success, and the result is that Huge Telecom now supplies less than 4% of their entire customer base with printed bills. “It almost seems strange in today’s digital world, but some customers are still a little nervous about moving to an e-billing system,” Potgieter notes. He also notes that many of the company’s government contracts have indicated that they would prefer to continue receiving printed paper bills, and that the drive towards full e-billing in the Group is ongoing.

Huge Group has calculated that by having the vast majority of its subsidiaries’ bills delivered electronically, the company is effectively ensuring the absorption of six tons of carbon dioxide annually. This is no small achievement considering the impact these gasses have been said to have on the earth through global warming. And electronic billing also saves numerous trees in the process, as Huge Group’s total reduction of pages printed is in excess of 1.2 million pages per year!

The campaign has had a positive spin off for more than just the environment though. “In the past people have said that ‘going green’ can be an expensive exercise,” says Potgieter, who counters that the move has in fact had marked improvements on the billing process. “The time taken to send out our monthly reporting has been vastly reduced and there are quantifiable cost benefits to using e-billing for both the sender and receiver of the e-bill. And, our customers receive their bills sooner, which means we experience better payment behavior.”

“Overall, it’s a win-win-win situation – for us, for our clients and for our planet” he concludes.

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