711 percent growth earns Huge Telecom prestigious GSM award

18 March 2009 - Huge Group

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A leading GSM networks’ WASP (Wireless Application Service Provider) division recently honored Huge Telecom with an award for the highest growth in messaging traffic in 2008.  Huge Telecom won the award as a result of the phenomenal performance of their SMS products over 2008.  In just one year they increased the amount of messages they sent by 711% - far outperforming any of their rivals.

Andrew Pitout, IT Commerce Manager at Huge Telecom, explains that the incredible growth achieved last year was as a result of the company’s two leading SMS products showing exceptional performance.  “Our proprietary and patented software ‘plug-in’, texSMS, which allows users to send and receive SMSs from their PC using MS Outlook, gained phenomenal traction last year and added significantly to the growth we experienced.  texSMS makes sending and receiving SMSs as easy as sending an email, and because it is an Outlook plug-in, it makes direct use of your existing mobile numbers from your Outlook Address List.  It also complements Outlook by including other functions such as sending SMS alerts regarding an important email that has just been sent, or automatically reminding users of an upcoming meeting,” he says.  “For corporate users, a critical dimension of texSMS is it’s ultra-high security and its advanced management features, which allow quick and easy control of thousands of users - and added to that, it is the most cost-effective Outlook SMS solution currently on the market!”

Whilst Pitout sees many companies empowering their workforces with SMS using texSMS, he explains that companies using specially developed internal software are making use of Huge’s SMS gateway to “SMS enable” their custom applications.  “Adding SMS capability to internal systems is a great way to increase productivity and customer satisfaction,” he says.  “Many companies are very visibly using SMS with great success.  Just think of the quick SMS you receive after submitting an insurance claim, or the bank notification you receive via SMS when someone deposits funds into your account.  With a little thought, incorporating SMS into your daily business processes can deliver immense customer benefits, cost savings and time savings,” he concludes.