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Huge Telecom is South Africa's premier provider of telecommunications connectivity solutions.
Our full range of solutions incorporate quality, reliability and service excellence and we are trusted by many of South Africa's largest corporates to handle their mission critical voice requirements.


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Trust and
Mutual Respect

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Quality and
Service Excellence


Huge Telecom has almost two decade's worth of experience, having started operations in 1993. In 2007 the group listed on the AltX section of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and merged with a smaller telecoms operator to achieve the economies of scale and talent required to become a serious player in South Africa's competitve telecommunications market.

Client Base

Huge Telecom's offerings take care of the needs of thousands of South African SMME business whilst also supplying managed telecommunications solutions to many of the country's top corporates.



“Thusano Group began dealing with Huge Telecom in January 2013. At the time we were routing all voice calls through various VoIP providers and our customers experienced dropped calls, ghost ringing and overall poor call quality.
After meeting with James Herbst and Ritesh Bansi, we decided to move all our business to Huge Telecom. At first I was sceptical about GSM as the rest of the industry was moving to VoIP, however within three months, our faults, complaints and callouts vanished. Over the next 6 months we moved our entire customer base over to Huge Telecom.
Three years later we have connected close to 4000 GSM lines and are billing in excess of 2 million minutes on a monthly basis. Huge Telecom has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has met all of our expectations.
I would recommend their service to any customer.”

  • JP Le Roux – Director


‘’Since our first project with HUGE we have done over 150 successful projects together.
Huge vision have been a key ingredient in our tremendous growth and prosperity over the last couple of years !
Thank you for all that you do to keep us looking good !’’

  • Karen Hoffman – Operations Manager

Thariza Janse Van Rensburg Optometrist

“I want to thank you for the best service and the best SOHO device ever.
We have been using the system by HUGE, and must say you exceeded my expectations.
It is very affordable and the savings cost is worthwhile.
The device is most recommended, and helped me a lot in my business.”

  • Nathasia – Receptionist

Viva Telecoms

“Huge Telecoms have our unconditional loyalty, what a pleasure it is to deal with good people in a business that is without question a clear leader in the GSM arena, we have no doubt that our customers are in good hands!”

  • Paul Da Cunha


“As a company we were at a stage where we needed make a change and cut down on call costs. Huge Telecoms came on board & reduced our monthly call costs as well provided excellent Technical and customer experience that we have not seen in a long time. A supplier that looks after their clients’ needs and is always willing to assist to make our life’s easier while saving costs at the same time.”

  • Ghaalib Johnson – IT Engineer

Group Five

“We have been using the Huge Telecom telephone systems on our construction sites for nearly 10 years now.
The nature of our business requires us to start up sites immediately and we have engaged Huge Telecom as our telephone service provider.
The quality and levels of service have only grown over the years with a friendly and resourceful support team.
We can recommend their services for a quality, affordable and innovative solution to your communication needs.”

  • Ian Reddiar – Site Admin Manager


“It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation to future satisfied customer of Huge Telecom.
Huge Telecom was very helpful in researching our needs and suggesting that we install routers which we have been using for the past few years. They are instrumental in installing this new system with virtually no disruption to our business. They made the process easy from start to finish and kept us up to date with technology and cost savings.
Looking back on the transition I can’t think of any issues that came up that weren’t dealt with quickly and professionally. We are thrilled with our new routers and highly recommend Huge Telecom to other businesses.”

  • Mike Riceman – Director


“It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Huge over the past year
Their personal service and after-sales support has been particularly good”

  • Dave Taylor

EC Testimonials

Cobalt Communications

“Our relationship with HUGE spans over a period of about ten years.
During the early years , we had not utilized HUGE to a great extend due to TELKOM still being the dominant player and the market being very protected ,  with customer loyalty to TELKOM.
However , with the advent of TELECOMS industry “opening up “ to other players , HUGE and its products has become very vital .
This coupled  with TELKOM monopoly falling , reduction in their  staff  personnel (leading to service levels not being the same as in the past ).
This together with infrastructure not being maintained or upgraded at the pace of the industry , high call rates  - customers , clients , vendors , dealers etc , started looking more aggressively at other services and products.
HUGE has found its  that its products and its pricing model  are more in demand than ever .
I have found the staff to be very accommodating and customer friendly.
Here I must commend both CINDY and ROBYN.
The process when submitting “deals” is very customer orientated and I am kept in the “loop”  - from credit approval to date of installation…….”

  • Derek Theunissen – Member

Voice Source cc

“Voicesource CC have been business partners with Huge Telecoms for quite some time now and during that time we have found their service and backup to be exceptional.  We would highly recommend their services.”

  • Greg and Sally Smith – Accounts

H & H Communications

“We became Business Partners with Huge Telecoms in 2015 and since then our relationship has gone from strength to strength. Huge is a company that shares many of the same values as our company namely integrity and customer service. All of our clients have nothing but the best to say about Huge and the service they receive, be it praise for the great service and efficiency with which each client is dealt with or for the fact that they are enabling the clients to save large amounts of money on their telephone calls, a cost that no company can avoid and one of the highest costs incurred.
When we were approached by one of our clients who required a telephone solution that was not a standard Huge Telecoms contractual product, Huge did not skip a beat in thinking outside the box, adjusting their product spec and allowing us the opportunity to do something we have never done before and landing us one of our biggest client to date.
It is this forward thinking and ability to adapt that makes Huge the leader in its industry and a force to be reckoned with.
We look forward to growing with Huge Telecoms as we believe the best is yet to come.”

  • Heinrich Otto – Founder and Owner

Northern Telecom

“Northern Telecom are a Huge Business Partner since 2012, assisting us to service our clients by providing network lines with competitive pricing and line rentals, through-out the Limpopo and Western Cape Province.
Huge Telecoms strives to take matters to the next level and are dedicated to optimal customer services.
We can highly recommended Huge Telecom, and are proud to be associated with them.”

  • Ilse Wood

Trusted by many of South Africa's
largest corporates.

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